Photo by NPPA

As the holidays draw closer, the Philippine National Police has started keeping a tight watch on banned fireworks that could pose a threat to people's health.
PNP Firearms and Explosives Division head Chief Superintendent Raul Petrasanta said this includes fireworks smuggled from abroad, radio dzBB reported last Thursday.
The dzBB report quoted Petrasanta as saying they will not hesitate to seize items included in a list of banned fireworks.
He also said they are coordinating with other agencies to clamp down on fireworks smuggled from other countries.
Among the banned fireworks he cited were pla-pla, Super Lolo, giant whistle bomb, Bin Laden, Goodbye Philippines, and Goodbye Gloria.
But Petrasanta also said they will be on the lookout as well for the less noisy but dangerous fireworks like piccolo, which can be dangerous when ingested, especially by children.
Filipinos are expected to start soon their preparations for the Christmas holidays. The Philippines has a reputation of having the world's longest Christmas season. –KG, GMA News


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