Needless to say you do this one at your own risk. If you download an executable or file that’s seen as a security risk, Internet Explorer tags it so the operating system asks for your confirmation before running. The behaviour also extends to running files off a network, and we’ve seen cases where it can continue asking this even after you’ve told it not to.
Here’s how to limit how much this not so lovely feature annoys:

  1. Click the Start button, then click Run — if you’re using Vista, just click the Windowsbutton
  2. Type gpedit.msc and hit enter
  3. The Group Policy editor has now loaded. On the left, expand User Configuration
  4. Expand Administrative Templates
  5. Expand Windows Components
  6. Click on Attachment Manager
  7. Double click Inclusion list for low file types, and set the radio button to Enabled. In the field that appears below, enter the filetypes causing you issues, separated by semicolons. For example: .exe;.doc;.ppt;.xls. Click OK when you’re done
  8. Restart your machine for it to take effect

If you’d prefer to leave the feature on, but just unblock one file:
  1. Right click the file and click on Properties
  2. Click on the Unblock button and click OK
Yes. We’re sure we want to run it. That’s why we clicked on it, right?


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