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MANILA, Philippines - Andi Eigenmann has defended her mother Jaclyn Jose from what the former believes are claims by ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito that the veteran actress had lied when she hinted in her now-controversial interview that the boy's parents, Laarni Ejercito and former President Joseph Estrada, were against their relationship.

Recall that in a portion of PEP's exclusive two-part interview posted on Nov. 21, Jake said that Jaclyn's insinuation was "unwarranted" and put his parents "in a bad light."

Referring to one of her now-deleted tweets - specifically, "So much for going against my own mother and sacrificing our relatnship just to give u what u want.Fyi everything my mom said was true anyway" - posted hours after Jake's interview came out, Andi explained in a live interview with Boy Abunda on "The Buzz" during her daughter Ellie's first birthday celebration and Christian dedication on Nov. 25, "I said po, parang, pinagtanggol pa kita (Jake)... ginawa ko kung ano 'yung alam ko na magugustuhan mo kahit na alam kong wala naman talagang sinabing mali 'yung mommy ko."

Previously, Andi had apologized "for certain things she (Jaclyn) might have said that mightve put certain people in a bad light" through her blog post titled "Since Chismis is Easily Spread Around, Maybe Something Sincere Would too." Exactly a week later, Andi admitted in a taped interview aired on "The Buzz" that she and Jake have already broken up.

Andi continued, "'Yung akin po kasi talaga is that, 'yung sinasabi niya po kasi, hindi totoo 'yung sinasabi ng mom ko. But it doesn't mean that my mom was lying. My mom wasn't lying. Nanggaling 'yon sa dahil nakita rin niya akong nasasaktan. I mean... or saka may naririnig siya na mga bagay na alam niyang makakasakit sa 'kin," she said.

Andi believes that Jaclyn "[was] also just being a mother" who "doesn't want to see me get hurt also, just as much as Tita Arni doesn't want to see Jake get hurt."

"But, like, sana, 'wag i-accuse 'yung mommy ko of being a liar because she's not. That's what she knows is the truth. If it's not true, eh 'di sana that's not what she was told," she said.

But while Andi "[doesn't] know why he had to do that (interview) just as much as I don't know why my mom had to talk about it," she "understand[s] completely that he agreed on being interviewed all the way from London just so he would get the chance to defend his parents."

"Kasi po hindi naman po talaga dapat na magalit 'yung magulang niya sa kanya eh. Obedient po siya na bata, mabait po siya..." she said.

In another part of her interview, Andi revealed that Jake "[had] apologized to me even before the articles were out, kaya hindi ko na po binasa 'yung article kasi I trust him."

"And kung sinabi na niya sa 'kin at kinwento na niya sa 'kin kung ano 'yung nangyari, okay na po sa 'kin kung ano 'yung nanggaling sa kanya. And I still forgive him. Pero, 'yun nga po, alam ko naman po na hindi naman niya kinailangan na i-defend 'yung parents niya at my expense. Especially ako po 'yung artista," she added.

More, Andi remains bent on getting the opportunity to personally apologize to Laarni.

"Nakakahiya po na dahil ako [ay] artista, pati sila nadadamay. Eh hindi naman po sila showbiz eh, ayaw naman po nila ng mga ganyan-ganyan," she said.

Jake and Andi may have parted ways already, but the former believes, "we'll always be special to each other."

"It's just that, if he thinks that it has to be a choice between me and doing what other people think is best for him, then I'll just let him be. Because after what had happened, the interview, I'd rather not also be with him," she said.

Meanwhile, the interview turned emotional when Andi, in response to the question on what she prays for in her life, expressed, "Gusto ko lang po maging masaya."

In tears, the actress lamented that the issues that she had to face recently "were so uncalled for" and "unnecessary."

"I started feeling na, parang, bakit ganu'n 'yung ginagawa sa 'kin ng mga taong mahal ako? Siguro masama lang talaga akong tao. Kaya masakit po talaga eh. Pero ako pa rin po 'yung masamang tao," she said.

This then led her to consider doing things on her own, specifically raising her daughter. "Kaya ko naman po eh. I can raise Ellie, I can be with Ellie on my own, just the two of us. And now that's what I want. The only thing I want is to be happy. 'Cause I really am not," she admitted.

Seemingly tired of all the negative press she had to deal with, Andi expressed, "Ayoko na po."

"I never wanted to be [in] the news for anything. And then all of a sudden, sunod-sunod na po. Puro na lang tungkol sa masasamang bagay. Hindi naman po ako masamang tao. Pero ako na lang palagi 'yung nagiging masama.

"Pagod na po ako. Gusto ko lang talaga magtrabaho, gusto ko po talagang maging successful dito. This is where I want to be. Showbiz is my life. Pero sobrang hirap po. But I can't give up because I have Ellie. Everything that I'm doing now is for her," Andi said, crying.

For now, Andi wants to focus on her priorities - namely, "'yung sarili ko, si Ellie, 'yung trabaho ko po" - which she said she had forgotten about, "because of all the issues, because of this boy that I'm so in love with."

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