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Despite the relatively quick resolution of at least two high-profile crimes in past weeks, the Metro Manila police reminded its personnel on crime prevention as well as the two-minute time limit for responding to crimes.
Metro Manila police head Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina also reminded his men they should not let down their guard down especially with the holidays approaching, radio dzBB's Glen Juego reported Tuesday.

Espina also said he would still rather have police preventing crimes with visibility, than having to solve crimes after they happen.
Still, he commended the Quezon City police for their quick action in solving the killing
of model and TV talent Julie Ann Rodelas with the arrest of model Althea Altamirano and her boyfriend Fernando Quiambao Jr.
The case was the second brutal killing in past weeks, coming after thekilling of University of Santo Tomas alumna Cyrish Magalang
in Cavite, who died of 49 stab wounds.
Espina said he wants Metro Manila police to be on their beat on a 24/7 basis.
He also reminded them to coordinate with local village officials in patrolling their areas of responsibility. –KG, GMA News

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  1. Hey, Citizen of the Philippines, keep your eyes open, don't be impressed by mere promises, be result oriented, if all the crooks are locked up in jail then you can relax, but for now they are still scattered everywhere, from HL to Manila Palaces icluding the Coconut Palace, Airports, Highways and Tollways, Customs, BIR and COMELECS, and the Den of both crocodiles and vampires, The Phillipine Congress both Senate and House of Reps... You better listen to me than be sorry...give me high five men.