Manny Pacquiao works the speed ball at the Golingan Gymnasium in General Santos City. (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES - Juan Manuel Marquez has a shelf life that is about to expire.
This is the belief of Manny Pacquiao, who told a handful Manila-based scribes on Saturday that Dec. 8 will be that date.
''May expiration date,'' said Pacquiao.
Pacquiao let loose that peppery quote after somebody told him that this could very well be Marquez's final chance at exacting payback after being denied three times dating back to 2004 when they were still a pair of gangling featherweights.
Exactly a week before he steps into the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Pacquiao gave Roach a million and one reason to enjoy the weekend without worrying about the Filipino's demeanor in the final days leading to the fight.
''He's ready to go,'' Roach said after Pacquiao wished him a great weekend as darkness descended into Hollywood on an unusually rainy but not-so-cold December night.
Roach had all the reason to be calm and collected as Pacquiao had shown to him that there's nothing to be worried about despite the paralyzing fear that Marquez had sowed thanks to the recent episode of HBO 24/7 that showed him as close to being invincible.
Still, Roach is upbeat that Pacquiao is finally going to close the chapter on Marquez next week with an emphatic victory.
Although the 52-year-old Hall of Fame trainer wants a convincing knockout, Roach will be happy to see Pacquiao win on points as long as it is a dominating performance.But nothing would make Roach feel so special other than seeing Marquez getting kayoed or watching him being rescued by the referee.
And based on what Roach has seen the past six weeks, the possibility of that taking place is high.
''Manny hasn't scored a knockdown in sparring since the (Miguel) Cotto fight,'' said Roach, who felt that Pacquiao has rekindled the old flame by posting a total of four knockdowns in this training camp.
Roach had promised Pacquiao that he would give him $1,000 for each knockdown and when Roach tried to hand the wad of bills, Pacquiao hardly moved and even appeared ashamed.

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