Director Brillante Mendoza accepts the award for Best Director (Thy Womb).

When Cannes award-winning director Brillante Mendoza told his "Thy Womb" lead star Nora Aunor that it would be a difficult shoot long before the production even began, he knew at the back of his mind - especially when a slot in the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) opened for them - that it would be just as hard to change people's minds even when it comes to watching movies. More so, effecting change in an industry seemingly not ready to do so.

In an exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Mendoza notes, "Ang nangyayari kasi, may pretensions, alam mo 'yon? They're saying they want to uplift the standards of Filipino films pero at the same time, ang nakikita natin na talagang very much favored ang commercialism... 'yung traditional formula movies. So how can you uplift [it] if you keep on going back to that?"
From the start, however, it was clear to Mendoza that his film - which he describes as "alternative" - was competing in a commercial film festival. "We are happy that we have been invited in this occasion without [us] conforming to commercialism, 'di ba? Without compromising ourselves. Ngayon kung ang nanood eh kakaunti, welcome pa rin 'yun. Kasi naman, 'yan ang reality eh, 'di ba? Hindi mo pwedeng i-change 'yung mind-set ng mga tao overnight. So you have to do this slowly; you have to do it one [step] at a time."


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