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Kris Lawrence has never been known for hopping from one bar to the next.  But the singer-songwriter sure has his fill of late nights and party-till-you drop affairs as part of his high-profile job.

The arrival of his now five-month-old daughter Katrence (by Katina Halili)  has changed that.

For one, I rarely go out on gimmicks outlook on life has totally changed. Priorities and responsibilities are different now.  I strive harder to work,” he tells Yahoo! Philippines OMG! 

Lullabies and serenades

Prolific singer that he is, Kris lulls his bundle of joy to sleep and serenades her in his free time.
He’s not only a doting dad.  Kris has turned into a devoted family man.

“All the free time I have now goes to my family,” he says. 

Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence welcome their daughter Katrence Halili Lawrence Cadevida. (Photo courtesy of Kris …During the first three months his baby was born, the Fil-Am artist, used as he was to having no house help back in the States,  went through all the baby routine on his own.

He and Katrina changed diapers, prepared the milk formula, fed little Katie, burped her, woke up in the middle of the night when he was hungry to feed her – the works!

Today, the couple  already have a child care provider they  fondly call Ate Mimi.  But Kris and Katrina won’t scream and shout if Ate Mimi is not around since they’re ready to take over with their arsenal of  baby care weapons.  

Again, like all fathers, Kris has big dreams for his first-born.  But tops on his list are good old-fashioned values he wants her to live by.

“I want her to grow up balanced with a strong foundation, good values, and close to the Lord,” Kris states.

Dreams of happiness

Most of all, he wants the little apple of his eyes to be plain happy. Kris swears that he’ll be just right behind her in everything she does.

Kris doesn’t want to take all the credit.  He found a “great mom” in Katrina.

“I’m so proud of her,” he gushes... “She’s hands-on and  I’ve  witnessed a total transformation in her.”

New parents Katrina Halili and her partner Kris Lawrence name their first baby Katrence--a combination of both …If he’s so happy with her, is Kris ready to pop the question one of these days?

“Hehe, yeah... It’s  in the plans but I just don’t know when,” he replies.

Now that he has a smiling baby to inspire him some more, the “Party Pilipinas”  regular is revving up his career with a slew of projects.

The RnB artist is Kuh Ledesma’s guest (along with singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan) Valentine show, “Love Matters” on Thursday, Feb. 14, 7:30 p.m. at the Crimson Grand Ballroom at the newly-opened Crimson Hotel at Filinvest City, Alabang.

He’ll also launch his new single 'Sabihin Mo Naman' on Party Pilipinas this Sunday.

The album is as personal as can be for Kris.

“I wrote and arranged 85 percent f the album so I’m  excited about it,” he explains.

The guy is on a creative rampage.  And all because he’s taking his new role as head of the family ever-so-seriously.

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