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 The Chiz Escudero-Heart Evangelista relationship is under fire again. And this time, it’s because Heart’s parents – Rey and Cecille Ongpauco – openly expressed disapproval over their daughter’s senator-boyfriend.

In fact,  Mrs. Ongpauco, in a statement sent to Yahoo! Philippines OMG! said  she is planning to seek legal action against  Chiz: “for claiming that he is caught in the middle of a family feud.”

She added that she will  file a civil complaint against Chiz for  “meddling with, or disturbing the private life of another.”
"Our entire family is mortified over statements to the media made by our daughter Heart, defending her lover, Francis Escudero, during our feud with the latter. We believe that we have a right to defend ourselves against unfair accusations made by Heart, under the dictation of Chiz, who clearly wrote the letter signed by Heart and published by a movie columnist. Chiz, who is a lawyer, is 44 and previously married. Heart, who has not finished high school, is 28 years old, the youngest child, and previously the baby of her parents," part of Mrs. Ongpauco's statement reads.
She also outlined the reasons  why the family is against Chiz:.

1. He cannot remarry unless he gets a church annulment.

2. He is  "surrounded by unsavory gossip."

3. Incidents of alcoholism, which she observed when Chiz visited Heart in their home.

4. Claims that he will “become president in 2016” and that “ he has already the guaranteed financial contribution of a businessman who has been listed among the ten billionaires of the Philippines.”

5. Use of Heart’s  properties. Mrs. Ongpauco claims  “Chiz has virtually moved into the condo unit owned by Heart” and  uses her Mercedes Benz. This kind of behavior, Mrs. Ongpauco adds, is something Heart herself "encourages."

6. Conflicting persona. Mrs. Ongpauco states  “Chiz  is urging her  (Heart) to have my name removed as talent manager .”  This goes to show, Mrs. Ongpauco adds, that the senator’s   “public persona is far different from his real character.”

Mrs.  Ongpauco believes Chiz is the source of their family feud and adds that  she might file another criminal complaint “for incriminating an innocent person.”

Heart’s mother also wrote that she has disowned her daughter’s “scandalous behavior.”

In a “TV Patrol” interview aired on Wednesday, March 20, Ongpauco said hers and her husband’s statements against Chiz, have nothing to do with the coming elections, where he is running again for senator.

She told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! in a phone interview that hopes this is the first and last time she and her husband will speak up since they are private citizens.

She also wishes other parents will learn from her experience.

“Heart is 28 but she is actually much younger (emotionally).  I thought that once your children are grown up, your job as a parent is done.”

Heart’s statement

Heart, for her part,  seems bent on fighting for Chiz, while admitting in her Twitter account that “… todays another bad dream...when will i wake up.” 

“This isn’t the first time this happened. This has happened when I was with Jericho (Rosales). At that time, I gave it to my parents’ wishes because I wanted them to be happy.  Because I am the youngest in the family, my parents became overprotective which is totally understandable. And at that time, I was still young and thought it is wise to obey their wishes. But now that I’m 28 years old, I believe I already have the right to decide how to live my life, who to love and to be with.

Having said that, I am issuing this statement to set the record straight and to correct whatever inaccuracies  may have been said. Despite this incident, I still believe in my family, and the love and respect I have for my parents remain undiminished. We will find a way to fix whatever needs to be fixed and we shall come out of this stronger and wiser.

Chiz and his family have shown me nothing but goodness and affection. There is no reason for them to get dragged into this incident and I thank Chiz for his love and continuing support.

Everyone deserves to be happy and I am now at the point in my life where I am very happy.  It is my wish and prayer that at this point of my life, my loved ones would be happy for me as well.

And for those who may have other plans and who may be plotting to use this incident as an issue in the political campaign, please don’t. It is already a painful episode for me and my loved ones as it is, don’t take advantage of the situation for political gain.Thank you.”

"Maayos at matatag ang samahan at ugnayan namin ni Heart at itinuturing ko lamang ito bilang isang hamon at pagsubok sa relasyon namin. Buo ang pag-asa ko na ito ay malalampasan namin. Sana ay hindi ito panghimasukan ng iba upang sa gayon ay manatili ang puwang na magkaunawaan sila. Hangga’t maari, ayaw kung manghimasok sa hindi pagkaka-unawaan sa pagitan ng isang anak at kanyang mga magulang."

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