Yahoo! Philippines SHE just turned a year old, so we thought we'd give the section a "present" by way of a new segment called "SHE Picks." Each week, we'll feature something that we think is noteworthy. It could range from a magazine to apps, and even gadgets and other things that would prove useful or enjoyable for women (and men as well). Bear in mind that the featured picks are simply the personal preferences of the SHE staff and are not in any way dictated by any other entity.

For our very first "pick," we chose Preview magazine's March 2013 issue featuring Jodi Sta. Maria on the cover. Preview is always a class act and this cover certainly looks like a million bucks. And Jodi is hot right now, what with her role as Maya in the afternoon series, Be Careful With My Heart. They sure turned up the glam factor with her "I'm ready for summer" ensemble and pose.
Apart from the fantastic cover, we also loved the "freebie" Hair Trend Report insert. Then, of course, there's the article titled, "Summer Body Black Book" written by Preview features editor, Vicky Montenegro. (Because, yes, a little bit of vanity never hurt anyone.)

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