Both the Armed Forces and the Kiram family deny reports that men trying to enter Sabah have been assaulted.

Both the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the family of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III are denying reports that 35 Kiram followers were shot and killed by Filipino soldiers as they were trying to enter Sabah.
"So far, the navy is already denying. We are not receiving reports... Ang Western Mindanao Command and the Naval Task Force, sila na mismo 'yung humahawak ng naval vessel, wala rin silang reports about it," Lt. Commander Gregory Pavic of the Philippine Navy told GMA News Online in a phone interview Thursday.

"Till now per verification made with the Philippine Navy and Western Mindanao Command, we have no reports of such kind," Arnulfo Burgos, AFP spokesman, told GMA News Online in a text message sent Friday.
Malaysian news agency The Star Online quoted their Defense Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidias as saying the 35 men refused to turn back and were shot dead on Wednesday by Philippine Navy and Coast Guard forces before they could enter Malaysian waters.

The defense minister also cited intelligence reports that the Filipinos plan to disrupt the May 5 polls.
Princess Jacel Kiram, the daughter of Jamalul who is claiming to be the rightful heir of Sabah, said their secretary general reported to them that it was not true 35 Filipinos were shot near the area.
"Kinumpirma po natin kanina 'dun sa secretary general. Siya ay tumawag po... at na-confirm niya po na wala raw na 35 na umalis at pumuntang Sabah at nabaril," she said in a phone patch interview on "Balita Pilipinas" on Thursday.
The Armed Forces' Western Mindanao Command spokesperson Col. Rodrigo Gregorio said too that they have not received such reports from their ground forces.
"Wala naman kaming ganung balita. Hindi ko alam paano lumabas ang ganung balita. If you ask the Navy, wala naman silang nakitang nangyaring ganun," Gregorio said in a phone interview with GMA News Online Thursday.
Malaysian defense minister Gen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin already said they will confer with Philippine officials on the report regarding the 35 suspected Kiram followers that were allegedly shot near Sabah.
Meanwhile, Princess Jacel also claimed that 400 of their followers managed to slip into Sabah and build a guerrilla base there supplied with food and water. But the Navy disputed her statement, saying no one could have possibly escaped their tight security patrol.
Malaysian security forces launched last month an operation to take over an area in Sabah occupied by about 180 followers of Kiram. The Filipinos sailed from Mindanao to press Kiram's claim to Sabah.
Jamalul Kiram, 74, claims to be the heir to the Islamic sultanate of Sulu, which once controlled parts of the southern Philippines and a portion of Borneo. —With a report from Andrei Medina/KG, GMA News

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