Floyd Mayweather throws a left at Robert Guerrero during their WBC welterweight title bout in Las Vegas on May 4, 2013. Mayweather will put his undefeated record on the line when he fights Mexican champ Saul "Canelo" Alvarez on September 14

"I chose my opponent for September 14th and it's Canelo Alvarez," the 36-year-old Mayweather tweeted Wednesday night. "I'm giving the fans what they want."

Mayweather fought May 4 and remained unbeaten with a unanimous decision over Robert Guerrero to keep his World Boxing Council welterweight belt.
The two will meet at the MGM Grand Hotel where Mayweather (44-0, 26 KOs) will try to wrestle more belts from World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association light middleweight title holder Alvarez.
Alvarez posted a 12-round unanimous decision over Austin Trout on April 20 to unify those titles.
Mayweather is moving up in weight to face light middleweight boxer Alvarez, who is 14 years younger than the veteran American.
Manny Pacquiao has been trying for several years to get Mayweather into the ring but the Filipino and Mayweather's feisty camp couldn't come to an agreement on how to split the revenue from what would be one of the biggest fights in boxing history.
So Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KOs) is a bigger, more powerful and younger opponent for Mayweather who is coming off a win over hand-picked opponent Guerrero.
"I will be the first to beat Floyd," Alvarez tweeted.


  1. Manny Pacquiao is the one & only boxer who held 8 world titles in 8 different weight division. No other boxer did that & that's what him made one of the greatest if not the greatest boxer!

  2. The only way of defeating Mayweather is by matching his speed with speed.

    and to think that Canelo Alvarez is a powerful and tough, but relatively slow fighter, he has to work on his cardio, footwork, and hand speed.

    He shouldn't throw punches without a 100% assurance that it will hit, instead reserve his energy for moving quickly around the ring dodging Mayweather's punches, and throwing powerful haymakers.

    Because you can't defeat Mayweather by just using brute force, a lot of fighters have already tried and failed.

    In simplest terms, Canelo should be thinking of only 4 things

    1. move around the ring, don't just stand in front of him, you'll be a human punching bag.
    2. whatever happens, don't let Mayweather hit you, he doesn't get points if he doesn't land.
    3. Don't waste your energy by trying to hit him with flurries of punches, throw 1 punch at a time, and when you do, hit HARD.
    4. Mayweather is very skilled in terms of mind games, he's going to frustrate you by moving everywhere and not letting you hit him. DON"T get frustrated, keep your cool, and most importantly, stay sharp and play smart.

    you've heard it here first, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will be the first fighter to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.