Manila oil spill contained

Manila authorities have moved to contain alleged oil leaks along Pasig River in Sta. Ana, Manila, following complaints of foul smell from the major waterway.

Members of the Philippine Coast Guard used buoys to prevent the estimated 15,000 liters of oil from spreading in the Pasig River.

Foul smell from the river has caused alarm among residents, some of whom evacuated amid fears of a gas leak. Others reported of the incident over social networks.

Officials of the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office have later on been quoted as saying that the situation has been put under control.

The oil spill has been traced to a tank at a warehouse that stored tons of bunker fuel. A burst pipe caused oil to leak into the river. (Text by Kim Patria)

Members of the Philippine Coast Guard place an oil spill boom to control a suspected oil spill along the Pasig River across a warehouse in Sta. Ana, Manila, on 23 June 2013, where residents in Barangay 90 in Pandacan, United Nations and areas near MalacaƱang Palace have complained of nauseous fumes coming from the suspected oil spill.


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